What Makes Pizza Authentically Italian?

It seems to be a hot button topic of discussion across Flushing, MI recently — the discussion concerning whether or not pizza is Italian? The simple answer is yes, if it’s made in Italy. Pizza originated in Italy and was invented as a fast, tasty, affordable meal to eat on-the-go. While pizza didn’t gain popularity in America until the 1940s, the difference in authentic Italian food is all in the details. Keep reading as Sorrentos explains what makes pizza authentically Italian.

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Authentic Ingredients

Italy is a country steeped in tradition, passing down advice, recipes, and stories that transcend generations. This authenticity is as deeply rooted in the culture as the ingredients that we put in your pizza once were. Only the freshest, most classic Italian ingredients go into our recipes, creating the most authentic Italian pizza in Michigan.

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The Sauce

The most notable and poignant difference between pizza from Italy versus pizza in the States is the sauce. Classic Italian pizza sauce offers a robust and herbaceous flavor to the dish, in contrast to the slow-cooked tomato sauce Americans traditionally use. The perfection of Italian pizza is found in the simple subtlety of flavor, and that begins with the sauce.

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Robust Flavor

The classic definition of a traditional Italian Neapolitan pizza involves three elemental components — rich yet simple flavors, a supple, thin crust, and a very hot oven. Simplicity and attention to detail are what make the craftsmanship and quality of our food so spectacular. Sorrentos creates the most authentic pizza available in Flushing, producing cuisine truly representative of its Italian origins.

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The Experience

If you’ve never been to Italy then make that trip a “bucket list” item, because the dining experience is a tourist attraction in and of itself. The passion and exuberance in the culture are truly felt through the community around the table. Great food has always been a centerpiece of communal gatherings, and the experience at Sorrentos offers nothing less, or we can bring it to you!

When it comes to Italian cuisine, only the best will suffice. In Flushing, there are a few good options, but they are few and far between. Sorrentos Italian/Mediterranean, however, presents a remarkable food menu that will satisfy your insatiable appetite for authentic Italian food. Feel free to visit us in Flushing, MI, or online to order today!