5 Reasons to Order Italian Catering

Food preference is one of those unique things that offers such a wide range of subjectivity and variety, that it’s more or less ingrained in each and every person's individuality. Some people like certain tastes, while others do not, some cuisines are very popular among the general public, while others are an acquired taste. All in all, the palate preferences of individuals are as unique as the individuals themselves. But even for all its uniqueness, there are certain food types and cuisines that simply attract more attention and satiate the taste buds of more people. These cuisines often are sweet, salty, rich, creamy, savory, and most importantly, filling. But food that simply tastes salty or savory isn’t enough; the variety, history, and intertwining of flavors and spices are what pushes people over the edge and makes them crave certain food groups so. Italian food is one of those food groups, and its history, variety, and combination of spices and flavors are what make it one of the most popular cuisines out there.

We know that not everyone likes Italian food, but it’s easy to understand why so many people do. And when you are looking for catering options, you are looking to feed and satisfy as many people as possible. That's where the high-quality and authentic Italian food from Sorrentos comes in. We have been serving the Flushing community with our homemade recipes and authentic Italian cuisine for more than four decades, and we are proud to offer our delicious entrees and meals in a catering format. Keep reading to learn more about our Italian catering services and how we could serve your next family gathering or work luncheon.

It’s Delicious

If you were to ask anyone who was eating Italian food at the moment why they were eating it, there's a good chance they would simply say because it tastes delicious. And understandably so, as there are a wide variety of Italian dishes that taste delicious, offering savory spices, creamy sauces, and starchy bread and pasta. When you are in need of catering for an event, you want delicious food, so that people are not only inspired to go to the event, but satisfied and satiated while they are eating there, and the Italian cuisine from Sorrentos can provide that.

It’s Affordable

If you are hosting an event that needs catering, chances are you are remaining pretty cognizant of the pricing, as it’s likely a budget given to you by your company or simply a cost that you don’t want to go overboard with. Luckily, the Italian catering options we offer at Sorrento's are not only delicious, but affordable for all types of price ranges. Our catered dishes are made for large groups of people, giving you even more food for less money. Serve 20-25 people with our delicious lasagna plates for only $60, or a Caesar salad that serves up to 50 people, only for $80. The options are nearly endless, the food is delicious, and you won’t break the bank to get it either.

It Offers Variety

A hard thing about catering an event you're hosting is finding a wide enough variety of options to cater to the different palettes, desires, and eating restrictions of those attending the event. You want to offer enough variety for picky people to find something they want to eat, you want different dishes just to improve the combination of the meal experience, and you want options to cater to those who have eating restrictions (vegetarians, vegan, gluten-free, etc). Luckily, the variety of Italian cuisine that we offer at Sorrentos means that you will be able to find something that everyone can enjoy at your catered event.

It’s Feels Like a Home Cooked Meal

When it comes to “authentic” Italian food, there are certain spice combinations, ingredient choices, and preparation methods that call back to traditional Italian cuisine and heritage from Italy. The image that many may conjure up in their heads is of an old Italian grandma teaching her loved ones of an old family recipe, whether it’s meatballs, lasagna, or even just some simple cannolis. Italian cuisine is steeped in heritage and family gatherings, and which makes it naturally feel home cooked by everything you eat. While we can’t say that we have an old Italian grandmother in our kitchen at Sorrentos, everyone can enjoy what feels like a home cooked meal.

It Will Satiate Everyone

Most importantly for any event you are catering is actually filling up your guests with plenty of food. Some folks might not want to eat very much, while others will gorge themselves, but everyone will want some food for the meal. Sorrentos offers a wide variety of delicious and filling foods, so when you cater with us, you won’t have to worry about feeding your people. From appetizers and salads, to a variety of entrees and some delicious desserts, we can provide the satiating and filling food you are looking for.

Italian Catering in Flushing - Sorrentos

Catering for an event is no easy task, especially finding the right selection of food for everyone, and all for the right price. Luckily, Sorrentos has you covered. We have been serving flushing with a high quality and authentic Italian food for more than 40 years, and we would love to cater your next event. Contact us today to get started, or view our menu here!

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