4 Specialty Pizzas from Sorrentos

Pizza is one of those fundamental dishes in the U.S. that has existed at the core of modernized food and restaurant offerings in the last 50 to 60 years. Whether it's traditional Italian pizza with smart flavors and humble toppings, big and thick pizzas with lots of cheese you can have delivered, or even just frozen oven-baked pizzas that you can buy from the grocery store, the hunger that many Americans feel for pizza throughout their lives is quite strong, and seems like it's only getting stronger. The range of pizza types, pizza toppings, and pizza making styles is vastly different over the U.S., not to mention the whole world, yet pretty much any type of pizza anywhere you will get will still taste delicious.

The reliability of pizza offerings wherever you are in the U.S. has allowed it to grow into one of the most popular dishes ever. But while most pizzas will taste delicious regardless, not all pizzas are created equal. Some pizzas have a certain amount of care and traditional flair and flavors put into them that set them apart from the rest. That's that type of pizza we strive for at Sorrentos; authentic, delicious, and provided in a variety of types and flavors that give our guests the freedom to choose, while never compromising on quality or taste. We have proudly provided these pizzas and a wide variety of other Italian and Mediterranean food to the Flushing community for over 40 years now, so keep reading to learn a bit more about the specialty pizzas we offer from Sorrentos, and how you can get your hands on one today!

Sorrentos Super

Similar to a supreme pizza you might find somewhere else (but definitely not as good), the Sorentos Super boasts a mountain of meat with green peppers, onions and mushrooms to help balance it out. On this stacked pizza, you will find ham, sausage, and pepperoni, the fantasy of any meat lover. Baked on a thick crust and covered in mozzarella, this is a classic specialty pizza from Sorrentos (if the name didn't give it away), and one of our most popular dishes. If you are in the mood for meat stacked high, incredible flavors, and plenty of cheese and crust, the Sorrentos Super is the pizza for you

Vegetarian Super

As much as we love to please the meat lovers out there, the combination of taste and flavors that fresh veggies on a nicely baked pizza provides cannot be understated. Similar in style to the Sorrento Super, the Vegetarian Super does away with the mountains of meat, and replaces it with a variety of fresh vegetables that cater to both veggie lovers, and vegetarians alike. In addition to the green peppers, mushrooms, and onions from the Sorrentos Super, you get another helping of quality vegetable toppings, including cauliflower, tomatoes, carrots, and broccoli. Discover the underrated quality of fresh vegetable toppings on your specialty pizza, and order the Vegetarian Super from Sorrentos today.

Chicken Pesto

Pizza is at the heart of Italian cuisine, although maybe not in the exact style and format that we think of modern day pizza. But it's these flavors and stylistic themes of Italian cuisine that make up the heart and soul of pizza and pizza flavor, flavors and ingredients that can be found all around Italian cuisine. You have probably heard of chicken pesto pasta, but what about those ingredients on a pizza? That's where the Chicken Pesto specialty pizza from Sorrentos comes in. We took this Italian pasta classic and made it into an equally delicious and fulfilling pizza. Piled high with chicken, roasted peppers, mushrooms, artichokes, and covered in a delicious pesto sauce, this classic pasta dish translates very well to a delicious pizza dish. Try it out for yourself, and order online at Sorrentos!

Greek Pizza

While pizza might be originally an Italian dish, the influence of Mediterranean cuisine can't really be forgotten, especially when the Mediterranean and Greece are in such close proximity to Italy. At Sorrento's, we pride ourselves on providing authentic Italian food, as well as authentic Mediterranean food, which is what led to the combination of the two to create the Greek Pizza! Baked in a shallow dish for a thin crust, the Greek Pizza implements Mediterranean ingredients, like spinach, red onion, black olives, tomato, and feta cheese onto a thinner crust, giving you an extra crunch! With consistently fresh ingredients that provide an incredible combination of flavors, the Greek Pizza from Sorrentos has the Italian/Mediterranean combo you are looking for!

Specialty Pizza in Flushing - Sorrentos Italian and Mediterranean Food

As you can see, even with a wide range of pizza ingredients in toppings, you can still create a beautiful, traditional, and delicious pizza with the right attitude and flavors. That's what we proudly provide with our selection of specialty pizzas from Sorrentos. Find the specialty pizza that fits your palette, and order from Sorrentos today!