Food preference is one of those unique things that offers such a wide range of subjectivity and variety, that it’s more or less ingrained in each and every person's individuality. Some people like certain tastes, while others do not, some cuisines are very popular among the general public, while others are an acquired taste. All in all, the palate preferences of individuals are as unique as the individuals themselves. But even for all its uniqueness, there are certain food types and cuisines that simply attract more attention and satiate the taste buds of more people. These cuisines often are sweet, salty, rich, creamy, savory, and most importantly, filling. But food that simply tastes salty or savory isn’t enough; the variety, history, and intertwining of flavors and spices are what pushes people over the edge and makes them crave certain food groups so. Italian food is one of those food groups, and its history, variety, and combination of spices and flavors are what make it one of the most popular cuisines out there.

We know that not everyone...


Pizza is one of those fundamental dishes in the U.S. that has existed at the core of modernized food and restaurant offerings in the last 50 to 60 years. Whether it's traditional Italian pizza with smart flavors and humble toppings, big and thick pizzas with lots of cheese you can have delivered, or even just frozen oven-baked pizzas that you can buy from the grocery store, the hunger that many Americans feel for pizza throughout their lives is quite strong, and seems like it's only getting stronger. The range of pizza types, pizza toppings, and pizza making styles is vastly different over the U.S., not to mention the whole world, yet pretty much any type of pizza anywhere you will get will still taste delicious.

The reliability of pizza offerings wherever you are in the U.S. has allowed it to grow into one of the most popular dishes ever. But while most pizzas will taste delicious regardless, not all pizzas are created equal. Some pizzas have a certain amount of care and traditional flair and flavors put into them that set them apart from the rest....


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